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Leadership Lessons From The Naked Entrepreneur
How to lead in interesting times

Leading people is tough, particularly in changing times, and everyone has an opinion on how to lead and what makes a good leader. So, what is the best way?
Ask a leader of leaders.

Troy Hazard

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We are delighted to inform you that on March 13  we have planned the 3rd event ”PM on the cloud”, this event was initiallu planned last year and now we go live with it.

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 The Speaker

Troy Hazard is a business veteran who has owned eleven companies in 20 years.

He has served as President on the Global Board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), the premier, peer to peer, global community, network and resource for entrepreneurs, with more than 8,000 members worldwide in 40+ countries. This group is made up of some of the world’s greatest business leaders, tuning over a combined $150 billion.

In short, Troy has proven himself in one of the toughest leadership roles on the planet.

The webinar

In this webinar, Troy will share some of the lessons he learned as a leader of leaders and as a leader of teams. This presentation also contains a collection of information from some of the planet’s brightest and most successful business leaders and lessons learned from Troy’s own businesses.

Troy will explain why he believes leaders are not born, they evolve. He will uncover the 4 key character traits that make up a good leader and offer real world business experiences that demonstrate how to improve your skills to maximize the impact on those you lead. Armed with this information you will be more focused, balanced, aware and effective.

His 20 years of experience in business has given him the opportunity to address many business groups around the world on a range of topics. Troy’s presentation delivers real life leadership lessons:

  • Learn the 4 key personality traits of a true leader, from a true leader.
  • Learn how to lead in truth, not fear.
  • Learn how to hire, motivate and develop good staff in tough times.
  • Learn how to manage fast staff growth while maintaining control of your team.
  • Learn how to have your staff work with you, not for you.
  • Learn that in leadership, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.
  • Learn why leaders are not born, they evolve.
  • Learn how to be aware of your own leadership evolution.

It doesn’t matter if you are a leader of projects, a leader of teams, or just looking to lead yourself to a better life. This webinar will have something for everyone!Vi aspettiamo per raccontare la nostra esperienza e anche per ascoltare le vostre critiche!

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