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OPM3 Maturity Model
From Doing Things the Right Way to Doing the Right Things

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On March 6 we have planned the 2nd event ”PM on the cloud”, we remind you that to attend the webinar you need an internet connection, a Windows PC, a Mac and Apple IOS or Android Device

The Speaker

Ms. Nada A. Abandah is considered a pillar in the region for matters concerning Organizational Maturity, OPM3, PMOs, Project Management, and Portfolio Management. Nada has been managing high profile programs and projects in private and public sectors across industries, in addition her focus as an Organizational Project Management Consultant to a number of leading companies in the region setting up PMOs, enhancing their organizational maturity, creating methodologies, and providing coaching and training in her areas of expertise.

Nada is on the OPM3 Advisory Board for PMI, and a core team member for the newest edition of the OPM3 standard due to be published in August of this year.  She is the founder of a consulting company specializing in maturity services, and currently working on her PhD in Organizational Psychology, marrying two of her favorite subjects and areas of expertise, the corporate culture and the human psyche.

The webinar

What is OPM3, and how can it help organizations improve their business results? This webinar will present OPM3 as a model used to enhance organizational maturity and aid organizations in achieving better business results. Through examples and case studies, Ms. Abandah will help explain the main elements of OPM3, what it is, and how it can be implemented. Starting with explaining what OPM3 means, down to the practical steps practitioners can take today to start implementing OPM3 and utilizing it to achieve better business results.

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